dr hab. W這dzimierz Freda prof. UMG

Uniwersytet Morski w Gdyni  |  Gdynia Maritime University
Katedra Fizyki  |  Department of Physics
ul. Morska 81-87, pok. C140
81-225 Gdynia  Poland
tel.: (+48 58) 55 86 669
e-mail: w.freda@wm.umg.edu.pl
Education 2019
Habilitation degree received at Institute of Oceanology PAS in Sopot
achievement titled "Impact of the scattering properties of sea water on the upwelling radiance over sea surface"

PhD degree received at Institute of Oceanology PAS in Sopot
dissertation titled "Parameterization of the light scattering phase function in marine environment" (in Polish).pdf
dissertation supervisor Prof. J. Piskozub 

Master's degree received at University of Gda雟k, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
specialization in Physics and Mathematics
MA dissertation: "Acoustic study of quasi-stable structures in aqueous solutions of methanol and ethanol" (in Polish).pdf
dissertation supervisor Prof. B. Linde


ISI Web of Knowledge

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Grants 2013-2018 grant No. UMO-2012/07/D/ST10/02865 titled "Opracowanie modelu zmian stanu polaryzacji oddolnego strumienia 鈍iat豉 ponad powierzchni morza" funded by National Science Centre (NCN) of Poland, total amount: 479 720,00 PLN

2010-2011 PhD supervisor's grant No. N N306 470038 titled "Parametryzacja funkcji fazowej rozpraszania 鈍iat豉 w wodzie morskiej" funded by Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Poland, total amount: 45 000,00 PLN
Environmental measurements
April 2016 - participation in the bio-optical cruise on board the s/y Oceania, Baltic Sea.
2014 - 2017 - measurements of the degree of polarization for upwelling radiance on the breakwater in κba and Gdynia Or這wo pier
June 2008 - participation in the measurement of light scattering in the coastal oceanic waters, Biscane Channel, Virginia Key, Miami Florida.
October 2007 - participation in the bio-optical measurements at the Kaciveli platform, Crimea, Ukraine.
May 2006 - participation in the bio-optical cruise on board the R/V Oceania, Baltic Sea.
November 2004 - participation in the aerosol cruise on board the R/V Oceania, Baltic Sea.
Awards Rector's of the Gdynia Maritime University Award
third degree: 2014, 2013, 2012, 2008

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